Goat cheese on lettuce, toasted baguette95 
Beef carpaccio with rucola, parmesan and toast135 


Kulajda Šumava with mushrooms and poached eg50 
Beef broth with root vegetables julienne and liver dumplings45 

Meals for kids:

Potato cones with poppy seeds and sugar75 
Mini chicken chnitzels with cornflake coating, served with chips and ketchup125 

Our specialities

Striploin steak (sirloin) served with lard beans, potato rösti and pepper sauce295 
Beefsteak (sirloin) in panchette cover, with butter Café de Paris and roasted potato slices389 
Roasted pork ribs on black beer, horseradish, mustard, bread199 
Salmon steak with grilled vegetables259 
Grilled chicken breast Supreme (with bone and skin), hail risotto199 
Rabbit thing with creamy spinat and potato dumplings189 
Pork tenderloin blocks with wild mushrooms sauce andd speck dumplings219 
beef cheeseburger with fresh vegetables, caramelized onion, cheddar cheese und mustard dressing, served with chips and ketchup199 
Beef tenderloin in cream sauce with Carlsbad dumplings and cranberries159 
Fried pork schnitzel, served with potatoes149 
Spaghetti pomodoro with dried tomatoes, garnished with parmesan cheese149 
Red lentil salad with fresh vegetables, mustard dressing and covered egg, toasted baguette149 


Panna cotta with forest friut65 
Nougat cake with vanilla sauce and ice-cream70 
3 scoops of creamy ice-cream (your choice)55 

With beer and wine

Pork liver pate with cranberries and almond slices, bread70 
homemade pickled Camembert-style cheese, country bread70 
Beef sirloin steak tartare, roasted bread, garlic199